À propos

Emir Chouchane is a filmmaker based in Montreal, Quebec. Born in Odessa, but having spent most of his formative years in Tunisia, he completed his B.A. at the Higher Institute of Multimedia Arts of Manouba (ISAMM) in 2013, where he discovered his passion for finding the perfect light to create the perfect atmosphere in his work. He graduated with a specialization in photography while simultaneously working in the cinema industry in short films and features, documentaries, and advertising in the role of photographer, cameraman, and focus puller.

Currently, Emir is teaching visual coding at the University of Montreal, where he also completed a Diploma of Higher Specialized Studies in Arts, Creation, and Technology in 2016. He participated with his final project in the Biennale Internationale d’Art Numérique (BIAN) that same year. Emir now specializes in 360 stereoscopic capture and editing, working in many projects including the VR documentary “Poetry in Motion” by Isabelle Raynauld, which has been selected for many festivals. He also do research in the “Vision 3D” Laboratory at the University of Montreal. His goal is to find the perfect way of combining art and technology to show the world how technology can be used as a tool for artistic exploration.

Outside of film, Emir is a bass player who recently participated in the Montreal Contemporary Music Lab (MCML), and enjoys thinking of creative methods for musical output around the city.